La Grace is an authentic replica of a brig from the second half of the 18th century. Her construction by Dan Rosecky was based on the plans which were published in Architectura navalis mercatoria from 1768 by a Sweedish admiral Fredrik Henrik af Chapman. He was probably the greatest ship constructor of all times who laid foundation to modern ship construction based on accurate building plans. Long before Ford he established a „flow production“ from prearranged parts and thanks to this idea he cut down the construction time 10x. Many war and trade ships were constructed by his plans. And on his plans are based all modern replicas of historical sailing ships from 15 to 18 century.

Brigs were the most common commercial ship since they didn’t require a large crew. For their speed and maneuverability they were used by navy as courier boats, for combats with pirates and for espionage.

Although La Grace is build in such a way that even admiral Nelson will not recognize any historical inconsistency at first sight, inside she is equipped by all the modern electronics, safety systems and equipments which will allow her to sail safely and also provide the crew by comfortable environment for relaxation or training.

Technical description
Length of hull 23,8 m
Max. length inkl. jib boom 32,3 m
Width 6,06m
Draught 2,8 m
Displacement 125 t
Sail area 364 m2
High of masts 25 m
Engine MAN D 2866 TE 375 HP
Oil tanks 4 t
Water tanks 6 t
Crew 37