What can you get on board of La Grace?

Tourist cruises

Mostly one week relaxed cruises for almost anybody. Take the whole family with you and spend extraordinary holiday full of fun and swimming in romantic bays or sightseeing in smaller or bigger ports. The holiday at the sea does not mean you have to stay on one place!

Sports cruises combined with marine crafts workshops

Do you want to experience what it is like to sail in real? Do you want to get back in the history for two hundred years, control the sails and steer the wheel? All you need is the will to do that. We will teach you the rest.
You can find all the cruises in the Cruise schedule where you can also book them.

Team-building events

La Grace cruise can be a unique opportunity for a genuine team-building events. The team will literally have to pull one rope. Where else could you better see the team-work, co-operation, and efficient leadership?

Company and product presentation

Big sailing ships are of a great attraction in any port in which they anchor. Especially if they look like a ship from a historical film, including cannons and period costumes. The maritime festivals held in some ports attain hundred thousands spectators every year.

Filming and photograph taking

The ship is, in its character and realization, well suited for shooting historical films or publicity making. It is also suitable for documentaries about nature and travelling.

Celebrations and meeting

La Grace is on anchorage in a port. On the board (45 persons) or in the dining room (15 persons) with the catering ensured. There is an option of a cruise in a close bay. After the event there is a possibility of sleeping aboard.

Schooling and trips

It is possible to use La Grace as a mobile schooling centre. Thanks to the variability of the upper lower deck we can get a room that can hold twenty persons for a schooling. The ship is thus suitable for a range of company meetings and presentations. The company meetings can take place either on the ship on anchorage in the port or in absolute discretion on the open sea, away from all disturbing influences, including GSM signal.

Treasure hunt

La Grace  imitates the illusion of 18th century life. All people on the board wear period costumes, everybody plays their roles. The life is organized according to maritime rules (watches, rituals, maritime training, training with cannons and swords, etc.) The aim of the trip is to find the pirates' treasure. All this is a jolly good fun both for children and adults.